translated from Spanish: Shall we join in? Japanese launch campaign to work without heels

Through a pun between «Kutsu (shoe) and» Kutsuu «(pain) The Japanese launched the campaign #KuToo as a way to request that the National Convention be eradicated that women attend their work in high heels. The idea was captured by actress Yumi Ishikawa and quickly won the support of 19,000 people, so yesterday decided to ask the Government himself.
Alleging that it is a custom that makes it almost impossible to escape those shoes at work or even when looking for employment, they presented a manifesto claiming «a law prohibiting employers from forcing women to wear heels, which is discrimination Sexual and constitutes harassment, «Ishikawa said after interviewing the Ministry of Labour and was replicated by various international media.
At least until yesterday, no representative of the Ministry reacted to the request, to the letter sent nor to the tweet of Ishikawa who complained about the obligation to use heels to get a job in a hotel. That message quickly became viral which eventually caused the start of this specific campaign.
As a precedent to the issue, in 2017 the Canadian province of British Columbia banned companies from forcing their employees to use high heels, qualifying this dangerous and discriminatory practice.

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