translated from Spanish: That the cold is not locked: know how to choose sportswear in winter

Low temperatures are not an impediment to exercising. Specialty brands have special sportswear options for this time of year. The main objective is to keep the body warm, so the garments are more thermal. Another of its virtues is that it is isolation, because the main problem of athletes is excessive sweating. Therefore, we must look for garments that allow the evaporation of the sweat of skin without losing the comfort necessary to practise sport. For example, Nike uses a technology called hyperwarm in garments and accessories such as winter gloves, which seeks to keep the body or hands warm and dry during the performance of sports discipline. While Adidas has clothing that promotes ventilation and prevents sweating, releasing moisture and cooling in the body. ClimaWarm technology, for its part, is breathable and helps to maintain body temperature in cold places. Reebok also works with technology in its garments, such as SpeedWick, whose main function is to repel sweat and keep the body fresh and dry. The Communicator Jennifer Boldt usually uses these clothes for sports. She says «The first layer has the functionality that you can use in the city and to do sport. They protect from the cold and have the versatility of breathing, so there is no moisture in the body, «he explains. It also tells you that you use them on those cold days under your clothes to keep warm, even if you are not training. «There are a few thicker than others, they keep the heat and you don’t sweat,» adds Boldt. As for the shoes, indicates that depends on the place where they occupy are the ones used. For example, to make trekking it gets boots. «They have protection for moisture and rain and they keep your foot dry,» he says. As for the slippers, which can be used to train in open and closed spaces, there is a difference in which they are for this time of year. «They are thicker the winter slippers, the sole too, but no heavier. There are even some that are caned, «he says. This type of slippers are also used for the day to day, in a trend that increasingly takes the prominence. And another garment that recommends are the windbreak. «If you want to protect yourself, keep the heat. They are ideal for cycling, and are lightweight and easy to transport, «he says. The best, according to the influence of Adidas Terrex, is that «the clothes are functional, allows you to be comfortable in different scenarios, it serves you to go up a hill and for the day to day.» The garments offered by this collection range from pulleys with light and elastic materials, to jackets fitted with humidity management capacity. In this line there are also light and versatile trousers.

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