translated from Spanish: They agree with overflows: deputies Lorenzini (DC) and Monsalve (PS) Ask the government to withdraw «integration» to unlock tax reform

A few days ago, the President of National Renewal, Mario Overflows, called on the government to adjust the tax reform proposal and discard the «heart» of the Sebastián Piñera project, the reintegration of the tax system.
According to the member, «perhaps the government should make a drastic decision and move forward in all that goes beyond integration, since that is the Stop stone», thus appealing to take out the project that has elements to encourage investment and encourage SMEs , in a difficult context like the one recognized by President Piñera in his public account. From the SMEs, rejected the sayings of overflows, ensuring that this integration that promotes Piñera «favors SMEs, as it will prevent many smaller companies tributen at levels that do not correspond, nor are fair.»
But the president of RN found support in the opposition. The deputy of the Christian Democrats and member of the Finance commission of the Chamber, Pablo Lorenzini, today raised in the lower house, «the need to unlock the tax reform» and that the government choose to modify its original proposal, betting on a law Short, separating the controversial aspects «so that we can quickly approve those points in the we already agree; The Government parliamentarians themselves are already understanding it. »
Within these controversial aspects, there is precisely reintegration. Although, unlike overflows, it does not want to put aside SMEs. «These issues we had agreed with the executive but still do not arrive the indications we agreed to approve in general this project, but we are aware that it is necessary to clear this issue quickly, to give peace of mind to the activity National economic. Even the government does not comply and we continue to await the compromised indications, otherwise, at least my vote, will not be for the rest of the project, «he added.
Similar opinion is the one that has the head of Bench of socialist deputies, Manuel Monsalve, who replaced the government to withdraw «the reintegration» of the tax reform of the Government, to be able to unlock the discussion of this project.
«If the president makes a call to build big deals, this is the opportunity to listen to his supporters and the opposition. Mr. Piñera compromised a project that would simplify the system, but not that he said that the tax burden would be touched, so we find it very reasonable what was raised by the helmsman of RN, especially because the reintegration only benefits the big companies «, Sentenced.

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