translated from Spanish: They run it from a window in Garcia, Nuevo León

Nuevo León.-A man was killed from a window when he was in the living room of his house, in the municipality of Garcia. The deceased was killed after being attacked by a criminal who shot him. The events took place at approximately 22:00 hours yesterday at the address located in Calle Doctor Andrés Vesalius in the Colonia Valle de San Blas. According to preliminary reports the murderer approached the house and shot the victim when he was on the couch. Then he escaped in a atomóvil waiting for him where an accomplice allegedly traveled.
The identity of the victim, about 30 years old, was not revealed by the authorities. To the place came elements of municipal Civil protection, who found the man seated in an armchair in the room of the house. The paramedics determined that the victim had died as a result of gunshots to the head and chest, a police source said. Ministerial agents came to the scene and interrogated several witnesses, who pointed out that the crime was committed by a criminal who came to the house in a white car. The area was guarded by the municipal and ministerial police, while the experts inspected the area to look for evidence.

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