translated from Spanish: Towns of Aldama and Chenalhó, Chiapas, sign peace pact

Communities of Aldama and Chenalhó, Chiapas, signed a non-aggression agreement following a historic territorial conflict between inhabitants that led to clashes, murders and forced displacement of hundreds of families.
Displaced from Chenalhó demand AMLO justice and security to return home
The Under-Secretary of the Interior, Alejandro Encinas, was present at the signing of the Pact, which he considered to be the beginning of a new stage of peace and reconciliation.
“A historical event that shows that when there is intelligence, wisdom and will, it comes to understanding,” the federal official published in his official Twitter account, accompanied by the townspeople and governor of Chiapas, Rutilio.

The rivalry between the Santa Martha Municipal agency in Chenalhó and the communities of Aldama is historic. Only one river divides both locations. Plots on both sides are the most recent dispute factor.
Land problems between the two areas have come from the decade of the years 70 when agrarian reform was done in the country. But for a long time, they had managed to negotiate and consensus.
In 2016, about 90 families from Cocó, 145 from Tabak and other parts of Aldama had to flee their communities. They were able to return until after a year, although they were denouncing permanent firearms attacks by their neighbors, forcing them to leave their homes. Only when the shots stopped, they came back. As a result of these attacks, 24 people from both groups were killed.
Towns of Aldama, Chiapas, under attack by territorial conflict and without action of authorities
Just last week, the villagers of Aldama reported an increase in violence and complained of continuous gunshots, coming from different points of Santa Martha, which prevented them from doing their daily work. “Even on the night of the weekend we are being shot, which is not commonly happening. We can’t go to work or do anything, they see us on the roads or they see movement in the houses and they shoot at us, “a political Animal told one of the people who asked to omit his name.
The meeting to formalize the agreement was attended by representatives of both municipalities, who sat side by side with the federal and state authorities. The agreement includes the following points:
1.-As a result of the differences and problems in which blood has been unjustly shed, we consider this the right time to sign the non-aggression convention. We want no more violence, no more bloodshed, no arms clashes.
We want to work together for the development of both communities, directing the view towards the future.
From now on, any incident that arises from violence will be solved by the way of dialogue and friendly composition, without causing further clashes. We agreed on a non-aggression pact, forcing to build together the rule of law and the civility that both Aldama and Chenalhó need.
2.-The parties state that in the celebration of this agreement they have freely issued their will and consent, without having mediated error, fraud or bad faith or any other vice, so they waive to put them as a cause of nullity or legal non-existence.
3. The parties agree that the Government of the State shall be the guarantor of the agreements and commitments established in the Convention.
On the part of Aldama signed the document, Verónica Ruiz Perez, municipal president, and Adolfo Lopez, representative of the community, while by Chenalhó they did, Mayor Adrián Cruz and Moisés Pérez. As witnesses, they signed Alejandro Encinas and the Governor Rutilio.
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