translated from Spanish: Argentina was sued for the nationalization of the AFJP

Argentina will face a new international trial for the nationalization of the retirement funds of the AFJP, which was carried out during the government of Cristina Fernández.La denounced on April 30 the exAFJP origins (of the Dutch group ING) and the s also Dutch NNH and NNI Insurance International for the amount of 500 million dollars for that nationalization of the private retirement system that was made in 2008.

Also after nearly two years, the record of the first AFJP Metropolitan Life that had been filed before the same court with the same claim for 161 million is back. Metlife’s demand was initiated on June 14, 2017 and after the conformation of the ICSID, the World Bank tribunal, which disputes commercials, and the first hearings, last year, came to Formalization last month, forcing the government Argentine to answer it. The Treasury’s procurement, headed by Bernardo Saravia Frías, was responsible for replicating the lawsuit on 13 May last. In the case of origins, the next step is to constitute the arbitral tribunal, which could happen by the end of the month, but the parties are asking to extend the time. The answers will take all this year to finally reach the audience, which will be on December 18, 2020, said the sources.

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