translated from Spanish: Church the light of the world defends its leader and says he will remain in office

The light of the world church rejected the accusations against its Nahshon leader Joaquín García, who was detained in the United States for crimes of human trafficking, child pornography production and rape of a minor.
In a press conference, Silem Garcia, spokesman for the church, said there is no evidence to demonstrate the guilt of Joaquín García and crossed accusations as defamatory.
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“We categorically reject the false accusations that have been poured against him (…) They are slandering him and we firmly believe in the innocence of the Apostle of Jesus Christ (…) Although we do not agree with the arrest, given the presumption of innocence that it enjoys, we consider that the investigating authority will guarantee its security, “said Silem.
The spokesman also reported that despite the arrest Nahshon Joaquín García “remains the international director of the Church”, because the “place of Apostle is life and God gave it.”
Salim said that currently the church is present in 58 countries with different laws and styles of government and everyone respects the authorities and human rights. He added that the 5 million of faithful in the world of the Church, of which a 1.8 million are in Mexico, rely on the innocence of their leader.    
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Nahshon Joaquin Garcia was arrested this Tuesday in Sacramento, California, for trafficking in persons and production of child pornography, rape of a minor and other crimes.
According to the attorney general of California, the crimes occurred between 2015 and 2018, while Garcia led the religious organization born in Mexico and has more than millions of followers around the world.
On May 15th, the Association of Professionals and Entrepreneurs of Mexico organized an event in honor of Nahshon Joaquin Garcia that was held at the Palace of Fine Arts with the authorization of the National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature (INBAL), which was Criticized and questioned for conducting an event of religious character in the cultural precinct. 
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