translated from Spanish: Danna Paola, ABC nursery Fire survivor

Hermosillo, Sonora.-Today is the 10th anniversary of the ABC day-care fire tragedy in Hermosillo, Sonora, which claimed the lives of 46 children and more than 100 injured. No doubt it is a date that will never be forgotten, nor the victims either, however despite this horrible memory today those surviving children have become teenagers and follow their life as normal with many aspirations as all. Such is the case of Danna Paola, who is 12 years old and was one of the survivors of the fire. Danna suffered burns in 50 percent of his body, and according to doctors, neuronal damage would leave her incapacitated, but despite the devastating diagnosis today is a girl who has gone through more than 20 reconstructive surgeries and enjoys full health. Danna Paola is a girl who aspires to be an influencer, so she performs videos of dances and she edits them to share them in their social networks. The teenager said he uses an Asian application called TikTok, which has hundreds of followers, but has no fingers for the injuries that left the fire, manages to manipulate the app to perfection. On the other hand, his mother says that in the educational field is a girl with very good average thanks to the support of a shadow teacher and always points to be on the slope of it, does everything that is in his power so that his daughter can get ahead.
“I want to be a doctor, veterinary, teacher, but I decided that I better not want to be a vet because I like animals and if I’m a vet will go many sick animals or the street, and so I do not want because I’m going to feel bad, imagine if seeing a bad animal in The street, I weep, “talked. Danna is considered a “miracle girl”, as it overcame the diagnoses that predicted that the girl could not walk much less talk, however today is all he can do and enjoys the faithful support of his mother and family.

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