translated from Spanish: Mayor of Morelia declares community Tuna Manza free Ground floor

Morelia, Michoacán.-Through a communiqué the city of Morelia that heads the municipal President Raúl Morón Orozco raised white flag in the community of Tuna Manza belonging to the tenure of Chiquimitío, which means that there are no homes with Ground floor.
The investment for this year the firm floor program to be applied by the municipal administration will be around 9 million pesos to lessen this need in 12000 homes detected with this lack in the municipality. In the locality of Tuna Manza This program intervened 14 households in which little more than 28800 pesos of own recourse were invested.
At the first point of this work tour, the mayor, Raúl Morón in the company of the honorary president of DIF Morelia, Rosalva Vidal Pérez, the secretary of Welfare and Social policy, Roberto Reyes Cosari visited the Community Child Care Center (CAIC) of Tuna Manza, in which the needs were heard and the commitment was made to strengthen the educational infrastructure in this community with the building of bathrooms and a civic courtyard, as well as providing the necessary educational material for the students of this CAIC.
Morón Orozco said that in the present municipal administration there will be a hard work with the communities and reiterated that the Government of Morelia will be in the localities of the rural area at least every 15 days to attend the most urgent requests that go in the Areas of drainage, access roads and lighting, topics in which he expressed his commitment to move to a large extent and invited the population to participate in the social work that is possible.
Subsequently, the visit to the Federal Primary school Emiliano Zapata, belonging to the same locality to know also the list of educational material and to continue to the center of Community Child Care of Jerécuaro “Vicente Suárez”, also Of the tenure of Chiquimitío in which the municipal president, Raúl Morón was declared to finish “with classrooms of sticks” in the municipality and was committed in the place to make the room for the students of this center.
Raúl Morón in the company of the head of tenure of Chiquimitío, Miguel Ferrer Aguilar, Víctor Hugo Fraga, in charge of the order, said that he will take the school shoe program and uniforms for the benefit of the children of the community and prior to hailstorms, so Preventive with the secretariat of welfare and Social policy will replace cardboard sheet ceilings with galvanized sheet and that the rainy season does not wreak havoc in the homes of the morelias in both rural and urban areas.
He pointed out that these work tours in the communities go hand in arm with bringing the government of Morelia closer together and improving the living conditions of its inhabitants. He recognized the work of DIF Morelia in this regard for the social work they carry in rural areas and colonies with a lag.
For his part, the honorary president of the DIF, Rosalva Vidal, endorsed the city Council’s commitment to be a different municipal government, close to the people and a direct attention in their colonies, communities and localities to know the needs and solve the More heartfelt requests.

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