translated from Spanish: The last season of the controversy “the Affair” has release date

The Affair, the Showtime chain series that tells the story of the effects of an affair on the lives of two couples starring Dominic West and Maura Tierney, will return for their last season on August 25. The great addition of the series is the winner of the Oscar Anna Paquin, who will play Joanie Lockhart, Alison’s daughter (Ruth Wilson) who returns to her hometown decades after the events of the series to discover the truth of what happened to her mother. The fifth season alternates between two time lines: the present, with the already known characters dealing with the consequences of the end of the fourth season, and the Future starring Joanie.

Notice: Spoilers If you did not see the end of the fourth season. The Affair will also be surrounded by controversy over the abrupt departure of Ruth Wilson from the series. His character, Alison Bailey, died on the end of the fourth season, and although at first it all implied that he had taken his own life, then it was confirmed that he had actually been killed — an ending that the fanatics did not take in the best way. The mystery was enlargeded when a few weeks after the end of the season Ruth Wilson said in an interview with the New York Times that his departure had nothing to do with equal pay or other jobs, but he could not talk about it anyway. Wilson had generated tension with the chain when in February last year he had made public his discontent over the wage gap between her and Dominic West, the co-star of the series. ” Certainly when I signed up to do the project I was charging less, “said the actress. “At the time (2013) The producers might have said, ‘ Well, he’s already done an important series in North America (Dominic West starred The Wire), so he has level ‘. But even after the Golden Globe I will not have equality. He definitely charges more than I do. I don’t know the numbers, but I’m sure it is. ”

Ruth Wilson with her Golden Globe

Wilson was referring to the Golden Globe he won as Best television actress 2015, the same year in which the series stayed with the award for best drama. When consulted in this regard, the creator and showrunner of the series Sarah Treem explained that Wilson wanted to leave the series (something the actress confirmed) and that planned the rest of his story arc from that information. It wasn’t a novelty. It was very premeditated. And we actually filmed all of his scenes first, “he said. “His story was filmed before the rest.” The Showtime network also issued a statement that says “everyone agreed that the story of the character had come to an end.” “The impact of your loss will be felt over the next season. We thank all the fans who have hosted Alison’s character and especially Ruth for her great work during the last four seasons. ” The first four seasons of The Affair are available on Netflix. In this note:

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