translated from Spanish: “It was something I was not consuming,” justifies Baltazar Gaona on request for reimbursement for a coffee

Morelia, Michoacán. “It made it easy for me to apply as a refund, because it was something I was not consuming,” said local deputy Baltazar Gaona García in an attempt to justify the request for reimbursement of recourse to the Congress of Michoacán for the amount of 184 pesos.
After the vote to approve the audit to the legislature, the legislator emanated from the Labour Party explained that the reimbursement requested to the secretariat of Bails and administration, for a total amount of 49773 pesos was for citizen management; 20000 for a prosthesis of a low-income person, 29589 for larders given to seniors also with scarce resources and 184 for a Vip´s coffee that invited a visitor.
“There was one in which I was in committee meeting, a person came to visit me I was too much time waiting and asked him to come to coffee, and it made it easy to apply for the invoice and enter it to finance.”
Congressman PT argued that it is not wrong to have made the request for reimbursement, since the appeal was intended for citizens, “bad that you make use of that money,” he added.
And is that in recent weeks the scandal arose inside the Michoacan Congress, when they leaked documents where they displaying legislators of Morena and PT, asking finance will be returned money spent for various concepts such as travel, management, Surgeries and even a coffee, situation that Gaona Garcia said “I’m still waiting to see if the application comes.”
It should be mentioned that, on the audit to the Congress of Michoacán, which pays to the flag of transparency and accountability of the LXXIV Legislature, Baltazar Gaona was the only member to vote against.

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