translated from Spanish: Mapuche demand explanations to Chadwick and thorn for controversial participation of military in indigenous consultation

A video that circulated on Thursday afternoon lit the wings RMS and added a new controversy in the context of the rugged indigenous consultation organized by the Government.
According to the Register, in the indigenous consultation carried out at the Hotel Melillanca in Valdivia, region of the rivers, military of Mapuche origin participated. The conscripts were recorded on the outskirts of the precinct but avoided making statements when they were consulted if they voluntarily participated in the process. In the same place, there was a protest by Mapuche leaders who concurred to express their disapproval to the consultation. But they were not only prevented from entering the hotel, but were scattered and detained by Carabineros, according to denounced the international relations officer of the Council of all lands, Aucan Huilcaman.
The explanation of the Army
In the Mapuche world, the participation of the conscripts was interpreted as an attempt by the government to show greater participation in the process, which in recent weeks has undergone a seguidilla of complications, and was even listed as a “Catrillanca 2” By Senator RN Manuel José Ossandón.
However, in the government they were detached from what happened. During an activity in Temuco, the Minister of Social Development, Alfredo Moreno was consulted about it, but from the portfolio reported that they were not aware of the issue.
In the army they referred to the controversy just past 20 hours, through a statement from the Office of Communications and Public Relations III Mountain Division which underlines that they only facilitated the participation of their conscripts.
“Existing the duty of the organs of the administration of the State and the right of the indigenous peoples susceptible to be directly affected by the adoption of legislative or administrative measures in good faith, in accordance with the provisions of the Supreme Decree No 66 Of 2013, the facilities were provided for military personnel of Mapuche ethnicity, voluntarily attending this invitation of the Ministry of Social Development and family, “the statement notes, which underlines the legitimacy of the participation of military personnel In this process, since “this stage did not deal with matters affecting the political disregard of armed forces personnel”.
“Clear violation of collective rights”
However, in the Mapuche world they are on alert and demand explanations from the government. “We call on Interior Minister Andrés Chadwick and Defence Minister Alberto Espina to clarify publicly, this situation is of absolute severity, considering that the consultation must have as a principle the consent, prior, free and Informed. In this situation it would be contravening the will of the agents of the state even if they are of Mapuche origin, concluded Aucan Huilcaman.
In addition, Mapuche political analyst Diego Ancalao said that it is “a clear violation of collective rights, and an irrefutable proof of political scheming by the government to validate a failed consultation.”
He also questioned the army’s arguments to allow the presence of his troops. “The consultation is for indigenous people who are affected in their lands, as community or collective law. So they do not represent any community, but rather the armed forces of the Government, which is the same as trying to do the consultation, “he explained.

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