translated from Spanish: SACO8: In Antofagasta The art reflects on the “destiny”

In this eighth edition of the contemporary art Festival, he will present the winning proposals of his call In International SACO8 with creators from Japan, Venezuela, Poland, Brazil, Mexico, Costa Rica and Argentina, selected from 226 projects from 32 countries.
Dagmara Wyskiel, director of the collective IS SOLD, says “This year we will see works that are located in the antipodes of the spectacular or gimmicky. As a jury we opt for proposals that offer fresh reflections and that among themselves promise a tour of various destinations. ”

“On the other hand in the exhibition Circuit Museum without Museum” we will have from a robot that captures the water from the air of desert, Cosmic Kipu, a satellite that carries art to Mars, a compass neo Atacama, giant flags that do not belong to any country, sounds of the Heart, allusions to an O.R. and headstones photos. All these works seek to find a footprint to dazzle our destiny, “he added.
While Alexandra Mundaca, director of communities at Escondida/BHP, commented that “our company has been working for more than 17 years with a Cultural Plan that allows us to strengthen critical thinking and generate more learning opportunities, through Initiatives as valuable as the contemporary art Festival, we have rethinked our way of working, relating and generating social value. This festival is a reflection of that because it allows us to build the Antofagasta that we dream for the future. ”

This year the festival offers a large programme with exhibition and training activities, among which are works such as “burying the flags in the sea” by Venezuelan architect and artist Miguel Braceli. The expert on large-scale interventions developed a collaborative work with students of mussels, whose exhibition will inaugurate the festival on July 9, at 19:00 hours in Fundación Minera Escondida.
Since July 10th at the Centro Cultural station Antofagasta will be open the exhibition “Memento Mori” of Paz Errázuriz, National Award of Visual Arts, and “We, the Ancestors” curated by the filmmaker Cristóbal León, which will take place in the salon Chela Lira of the Catholic University of the north and will gather the works of seven artists Aisén.
As of July 8 in Viva Library, the community will be able to know “chances” of Fernando Sicco, director of EAC (contemporary art space) in Uruguay; and intimate (Nothing lives Forever) in gallery image, space that re-opens its doors for SACK, and also take the streets of Antofagasta.
On August 1 at 11:00 hours will be the opening of the emblematic international exhibition destination. Seven winning artists of the International Call of SACO present their works at the historic Pier Melbourne Clark of Antofagasta under the theme of destiny: Yuga Hatta, Anna de Rojas, Patricia Teles, Stephanie Williams, Guillermo Anselmo Vezzosi, Marcos Temoche and Juan Carlos Guerrerosantos.
Art and Science
As part of the exhibition circuit of the Festival, the 5th of July at the Regional Museum of Antofagasta will be presented between here and there, the result of the Residence Arte + astronomy of the Bolivian Aldair Indra, with the support of the Institute of Astronomy of the University of Antofagasta. On the 10th of that same month, the exhibition “Rabdomante, the Utopia of the water” by Argentine engineer and artist Joaquín Fargas, will be inaugurated in the Hall trail of the Centro Cultural station Antofagasta.
Archaeology and Anthropology will also be present at the event, with the participation of the Peruvian creator Natalia Pilo-Pais, supported by scientists from the Archaeological Museum Gustavo Le Paige, who inaugurated his exhibition “Diary of a search for Suprasensible “in the Art Room of Fundación Minera Escondida in San Pedro de Atacama.
From Europe
For his part, Ana Agorio, Venezuelan creator based in Germany, participates in the Festival with a sample called “erratic times” and constitutes the result of his research of one month in Antofagasta, thanks to the alliance between SACO and the Goethe Institut, to tell July 10th in the Sala mezzanine of the Regional library.
Another of the presences that will surprise this year, is the Swiss duo Com & Com, which brings and reconceptualizes a tradition from that distant country with the presence of “Bloch”, trunk of a native tree that will tour streets and establishments of the city, in addition to the desert of Atacama, to culminate on August 7 in a cultural day with interventions by local artists in the Paseo Prat.
These are just some of the activities framed in SACO8, for more information visit:

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