translated from Spanish: Woman recounted crude aggression she received from her neighbor after denying her a kiss

Mirza Ojeda, the woman remembered one of the most shocking episodes of her life, because her neighbor cut off her fingers, after she refused to kiss him. The woman talked with the morning of TVN, “very good morning” where he told that a couple of days ago he received his neighbor from the Chalcas sector in Puerto Montt. “He always sent me requests for friendship. One day I accepted the application, which was five days before, “said Ojeda. He contacted me, told me to invite him to my house to take mate, “he added. Then he explained that “arrived at 21.00 with some potatoes to share with my children”, but then everything would change for Mirza, because when his children went to sleep the victim began to surpass. Ojeda said that “it began to surpass. He wanted to kiss me and I didn’t want to. He began to insist, and I did nothing. I always told him I was a friend. I threw him out of my house and he left. ” I saw two people, him with his nephew. I felt a blow to the head and I don’t know how long it will have been. I woke up and I was missing two fingers, had the doll torn apart, “he added. In this same line, he assured that “I thought I had attacked with a machete. I didn’t even see what he was attacking me with. Then they told me it was an axe. ” Finally, Mirza explained that his 11-year-old son saved his life, after calling the police and also helped him to stop the bleeding.

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