translated from Spanish: Family who sued Ubilla for Mapuche lands complaint that received threats

Members of the Painequir family denounced receiving a threat S after the lawsuit filed against the undersecretary of Interior, Rodrigo Ubilla, for the purchase of land in Mapuche territory. 
The family filed a lawsuit with the court of Letters of Pucón to annul the purchase of indigenous lands made by Ubilla. A court hearing was expected to take place on Wednesday, which was finally suspended due to the absence of two family members.
In that sense, Víctor Painequir, said that the absence of one of his relatives was due to being threatened.
According to the interference, one of the aunts of Painequir received a message saying that if it persisted with the court action, each member of the family would suffer the water supply cut at home. 
The media explained that in the community Mariano Millahual-where the family lives-there is no drinking water service and pumped with an engine from a property located near where is the Ubilla.
«The payment of electricity from this artifact that benefits the surrounding housing would be in charge of the undersecretary,» said Víctor Painequir.
Meanwhile, the other people who were absent did not have permission to leave their work.

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