translated from Spanish: Frida Sofia arrives at the top chat number 20 with Andale

Frida Sofia, who this day Friday June 7 unveils «Andale», her first song, arrives in a few hours with her to the top number 20 of chat and celebrates it in Instagram. Alejandra Guzmán’s daughter is officially launched as a singer. Frida Sophie was always clear that she wanted to devote herself to the entertainment world, and singing was one of her desires. For that it was prepared for years and the day came to make known its musical proposal.

«Andale» is a dance theme, in English and Spanish, and is heard as a fresh, novel, different proposal, which has Frida Sofia in her favor. A few hours to make it known it arrives at the position number 20 of the top chat, and celebrates it in networks.
I’m shaking. I don’t know what to say. I can’t believe it. Thank you for believing in me. I love you.  Wow! #topcharts #20in13hrswoho, «writes Frida Sofia, who is 27 years old.

My love, I really am in shock and I do not believe it and I want to thank from the bottom of my heart so much love and support, because without you would be nothing, would not want anything and you give me light. »

Frida Sofia’s launch as a singer, and her first single in particular, is in the midst of a strong controversy (or lawsuit) between her and her famous mother, Alejandra Guzmán. In the last few weeks, the first has claimed several things through the networks.

Frida Sofia, for example, has claimed her mother to have abandoned her in many of the most important moments of her life by prioritizing her artistic career. Among other things, it also makes him see that it was wrong to get involved with two of his ex-boyfriends. Frida Sofia has also claimed Alejandra that she never helped her as a singer. He hoped, for example, that he would allow him to open his concerts that he did next to Gloria Trevi. I would have told him it was impossible and he never allowed it.

In social networks there are users who assure that the aforementioned has been armed by the same Alejandra and Frida Sofia, all with the intention of advertising the musical release of Frida. A user made him see the previous thing to Frida in Instagram, to what He responded that that would never happen. He would never dare to deceive the public or say things that are not true. What is also true is that this very day Alejandra Guzmán launches «My Illness», her new theme, and social networks also talk about mother and daughter competing at the same time to see which topic is the favorite of the public.

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