translated from Spanish: Involved in attempted homicide of two women is linked to process in Uruapan, Michoacán

Uruapan, Michoacán.-the attorney General’s office of the State of Michoacán (FGE), obtained a link to process against a person of the male sex, for its possible relationship in the crime of attempted homicide, wrongful committed in 2015 in this city of Uruapan, in the grievance of two women.
This is José Isabel A., who according to test data in the research folder, last August 24 of that year, threatened and injured with a firearm to Patricia F., and Leilany A., respectively.
Derived from the investigations, it could be established that, at that time, the victims were in their domicile in this city, place where the now imputed one arrived, who, first, threatened and pretended with a firearm to Patricia F., and subsequently fired at Leilany A., causing wounds that endangered his life. After committing the illicit one, a witness managed to disarm the accused; However, this one was on the run.
Of these events, the Regional prosecutor’s office, which initiated the investigations, was known to establish the relationship of José Isabel A., in this crime, who was arrested on the basis of an arrest warrant.
The accused was presented to the Control judge, who, after assessing the evidence presented by the prosecution, resolved to link to prosecution for the crime and determined informal remand, in addition to decreeing two months to close the investigation.

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