translated from Spanish: STEP: That’s how public services will work this Sunday

This Friday, the Minister of Government, Labor and justice, Lisandro Nieri together with the Secretary of the Electoral Board of Mendoza, Alfredo Puebla; The Director of transportation, Luis Borrego; The chief of staff of the DGE, Graciela Orelogio and the general curators Roberto Badrán and Alejandro Sandoval, provided the details of the operation that will be carried out by the Government of Mendoza for the elections STEP 2019. They reported that on Sunday the 9th, all the centers of Quick documentation of the 18 departments will open from 8 to 6 pm. The tasks that will be carried out are: delivery of the DNI to the citizens who had not withdrawn them to the date and they are in those offices
Preparation of certificates of the votes, such as: not having the document, being more than 500 km away from the polling place, for loss or lost of the document.
The employees of the Civil registry will receive a remuneration of $1200 for the work carried out during the operation of the elections. TransporteAdemás, the Mendocinos and Mendocinas will be able to travel for free in all urban and medium and long distance public transport services. This is set out in resolution No. 728/2015, which applies to each election act and which is valid only within the provincial territory. All persons in a position to vote will be able to access the ticket free of charge, as follows: Urban service
Present DNI to the driver of the unit to certify the domicile.
At the beginning of 18, the proof of vote must be presented.
Medium and long distance service
Approach by the corresponding ticket office, the days before the ACT election with DNI.
A roundtrip ticket will be issued for the journey between the ticket’s place of issuance and the educational establishment where it pays.
This passage will be valid only on the day of the election.
SeguridadEl Ministry of Security planned an operation affecting about 5,000 police officers to provide security throughout the province. About 3400 police officers distributed in the 583 establishments throughout the province will be available for voting. Another 1500 police officers will be patrolling, prevention in the streets and guards in the precincts. On the other hand, the office of Control of events and local recreation reported that from the 20 hours of Saturday will not be able to sell alcoholic beverages and the bowling alleys will remain closed. The prohibition is only maintained for the sale of alcohol, but those who enjoy Sunday in restaurants or local food can enjoy alcoholic beverages. It is also forbidden to perform mass, cultural, social or sporting events on Sundays. Meanwhile, the Veda will be maintained for three hours after the end of the Election Act, that is to say at 21 of the same 9 of June. EscuelasCabe remember that on Monday 10 there will be classes normally in the schools where the votes were held. Since the year 2017, Mendoza does not miss days after an election process. The caretakers are paid to clean the schools after 18 p.m. The workers charge for the day worked and for the tasks carried out 1,200 pesos. There will be 573 schools affected by the votes distributed in all departments. In this note:

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