translated from Spanish: The couple killed in farms presented wounds of white weapon

During the morning of this Friday, it was known that two people were found dead in a house of farms of Coria, of the Department of Luján de Cuyo. The first reports found that a neighbor found the open door of the house and discovered the bloody bodies. In the afternoon, Gustavo Pirrello, the prosecutor of the cause, confirmed that Francisco and Raquel had stab wounds: the woman in the neck and the man in the neck and in the nape. In addition, he ruled that relatives of the couple were detained for the fact and noted that the daughter of the victims and their partner were initially delayed because when they entered the house, moved the bodies and contaminated the scene, so they had to perform DNA tests to rule out that they’re related to the murders. The prosecutor also dismissed that there was a robbery since there were no missing items in the couple’s house. An alleged femicide followed by death is not being investigated either. «There are no elements to address this hypothesis,» said Pirrello, who also pointed out that the murder weapon was not in place. Dismay among the vecinosEls made the neighbors of the area moved. Nestor Borio, resident of the place, told local media that the couple lived in that house in Calle Beltrán for 10 years. » They’re working people. I’m surprised at what happened. This moves you as a neighbor and as a friend. The last time I saw them was 15 days ago, because they were very reserved, «he said. And then he added that, in general, there are no insecurity problems in the area, so he «doesn’t understand what could have happened.» In this note:
Chacras de Coria
Luján de Cuyo
Murdered couple

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