translated from Spanish: The most outstanding riders arrive in Antofagasta to ensure the world title of Bodyboarding

From the 4th to the 14th of July the Grand Slam Antofa will be held Spend Bodyboard Festival 2019 (ABFChile), event corresponding to the fourth stage of the world tour in charge of the Association of Professional Bodyboarding (APB), which convenes more than 200 competitors from around the world divided into four categories: Open Pro mujeres, Open Pro men, Sub 18, and for the first time will include the Drop Knee category.
This is the seventh version of this championship in Chile, which for the first time has the character of «Grand Slam», which means that its organizers and sponsors will deliver the largest amount of money and points to distribute the whole of the 11 stages-with 80000 dollars and 9,000 points-becoming the best date in the world over powers like Hawaii or Australia.
«It is an important year for the national Bodyboard and for the history of this sport in the country», says Arturo Soto, organizer of the competition, as apart from having exponents that stand out in the First Division, three of the 11 dates of the tour will be held in Chile , two of them Grand Slam (Antofagasta and Arica), and the incorporation of Iquique Open as the seat of the world Bodyboarding.
The ABFChile 2019 will convene some 200 competitors from: Australia, United States, France, Germany, Japan, South Africa, Morocco, Spain, Réunion Islands, Portugal, Chile, Brazil, Ecuador, Ireland, Argentina, Venezuela, Peru, Uruguay, Costa Rica and Puerto Rico, among Other.
Sport that drives the region
The tournament will be held at the Llacolén Beach, located in the southern sector of the city and part every day from 08.00 am. The ABFChile has become a key event for the games of the Sea, an initiative driven by Creo Antofagasta, Regional government and municipality of Antofagasta that seeks to position the city as the epicenter of sea and coast sports, and contribute to the Consolidation of the coastal border as the main urban public space, taking advantage of natural attributes and enhancing competitive activities, and recreation that are developed by the sea.
«It is clear that since we took this event from the world tour to Antofagasta, it has become a contribution to the development of the city. As the community begins to value the coastline, investors believe and contribute to the development of the sport, and bodyboarding athletes have had the opportunity to scale and develop their international sporting career, mainly because of the high Production standards presented by ABFChile, «says Arturo Soto.
Parallel to the world tournament, will be held between 11 and 14 July-the international Fair of Entrepreneurship, tourism and Social innovation, FETURIS, which will give visibility to the people and organizations that are opening a tourist pole in Antofagasta. Through business tables The city can actually present itself as a destination and tourist attraction. There will also be international speakers, workshops, conversations, artistic interventions, clinics with athletes, among many other activities.

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