translated from Spanish: The vegan mayonnaise made with artificial intelligence came to Argentina

“I do not seek to conquer the vegans ‘ hearts, we are trying to generate a real change.” Blunt, thus outlines his mission Matías Muchnick in an interview with the magazine Forbes Argentina in May this year: the Chilean entrepreneur, a commercial engineer who is around 30 years, is already the beneficiary of the first investment made in South America by Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon and the richest man in the world. Bezos is part of a financing round that reaches 30 million dollars destined to the growth of NotCo, the company of Muchnick and its two partners, Karim Pichara (developer of Artificial intelligence) and Pablo Zamor (biochemist), which tries to extend the Consumption of food free of ingredients of animal origin. Together they gave the Giussepe algorithm (named after the painter Giussepe Archiboldo), which seeks to recreate any type of food using only ingredients from the vegetable world. The first product that managed to produce successfully thanks to artificial intelligence was NotMayo, a chickpea-based mayonnaise, gluten-free, no cholesterol, no lactose, no transgenic, no egg, no soy, which began to be marketed in Chile in 2017. Now, two years later, he will take his first step in the Argentine market.

In principle, it is already occurring in the Buenos Aires suburbs. According to the medium iProUP, the first game of NotMayo will be put on gondola from this Monday June 10 but, for the moment, only in “naturist” and dietetic premises thanks to a distribution agreement with Veggie store. In this stage will be available the classic version, but in the future is expected to also be able to get their flavored variants: with garlic, olive and hot. The company’s website indicates that in order to produce NotMayo, 83% less water is used than for traditional mayonnaise, and 32% less CO2 is produced. As Muchnick said at the beginning, the plan is not to offer a simple vegan mayonnaise, but to bet on a radical transformation in the food industry. His project is completed with other creations: NotMilk (Milk), NotIceCream (ice cream), already in process, and cheeses, butter and yogurt at a later stage. NotCo is also closing agreements in Brazil, Mexico and the United States to bring their products. They are not alone in their crusade: Other companies are gaining international relevance and marketing their vegan products on a large scale. It is the case of impossible Foods, responsible for the hamburger of vegetable meat that manages to emulate with great fidelity a medallion of meat vaccine, thanks to the laboratory production of the Molecule “heme”: The Hamburger bleeds and has the flavor and the consistency of which We are accustomed to habitually consuming. You already have plans with Burger King to incorporate your product into all of the chain’s American locations. Another similar example is Beyond Meat, the company sponsored by Bill Gates and Leonardo DiCaprio, among others, which manufactures “sausages” and “minced meat” based on plants, without resorting to soy, gluten or transgenics: Here the protagonists are coconut oil or E L canola, peas, beet juice, tomato extract, rice flour. It is struggling to be in all the supermarkets, but it already has a good path: Barely debuted in stock, the value of the company amounted to 3.8 billion dollars. 

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