translated from Spanish: What does the Argentine-Brazilian defense agreement say?

As part of Jair Bolsonaro’s visit to Argentina and following bilateral meetings with President Mauricio MACRI, the countries signed a memorandum of understanding on defence that proposes, among several initiatives, the possibility of transferring IKL submarines from the Brazilian Navy to the Argentine Navy. The announcement of the possible transfer of submarines takes place after the declarations of the Minister of Defense, Oscar Aguad, in which he awarded the tragic sinking of ARA San Juan for «lack of training» of The crew and not for lack of maintenance.
The signing of the agreement describes that the two governments are proposing «to deepen the research and study initiatives for the development and exchange of technologies applied to the defence area in weapons systems for the Navy, the Army and the Air Force of each Country. » The memorandum also adds: «Studying combined cooperation opportunities for monitoring and controlling the South Atlantic and deepening bilateral cooperation in the area of conventional submarines». The Brazilian defense minister also said that the possibility for Argentina to purchase military aircraft manufactured in Brazil, including the KC 390, cargo transport model to be launched by Embraer, was opened.

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