translated from Spanish: After killing a rare giraffe sneered his critics: He said he ate it and “it was delicious”

Tess Thompson Talley is the name of the American Huntress who is now in the eye of the hurricane. The woman has been criticized massively after recently viralizaraned some pictures in which you can see with a rare giraffe, which was killed in South Africa. Thompson appeared in an interview in an important North country chain where He deepened the controversy, stating that he did not regret having killed the strange giraffe, as well as many other animals. In fact, he said he’s proud to have done it. In the interview it stated that “(animals) were put there for us, (…) We eat them! “said this woman, aged 38, who defended her love of hunting. When consulted on the giraffe that killed in South Africa, the Huntress was Rio: “It was delicious!”, and showing a case noted “this is a part of the black giraffe I shot, something I could take with me and have during my hunts! (…) I also have decorative cushions made of it, and everybody loves them, “he added enthusiastically. The woman insisted on her vision and justified her acting by pointing out that “we are preserving (…) We’re handling herds, we’re handling wildlife numbers, “and he concluded by stating that” I’m proud to be a Slayer, I’m proud to hunt and I’m proud to (kill) that giraffe. ” Here the interview (although it is in English):

Original source in Spanish

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