translated from Spanish: AMLO responds to Trump with a rally in Tijuana

The AMLO rally. To the commercial war declared by the United States with Mexico, López Obrador responds with a rally to be held today in Tijuana. And although Donald Trump yesterday afternoon announced that he would suspend the decision to apply tariffs to Mexican products, the organization of the rally went ahead. In practical terms, the rally convened by López Obrador has no effect on the negotiations initiated by the Commission sent to the United States and which is headed by Marcelo Ebrad. The logic would be for Lopez Obrador to travel to Washington and hold a meeting with Trump, face to face. It is logical to take advantage of the G-20 meeting so that before presidents and prime ministers of the countries there, López Obrador will raise Mexico’s position in the commercial war declared by Trump. But everything seems to indicate that AMLO doesn’t like leaving the country. And sends others in his representation. Which is really not the same. At the G-20 meeting, for example, only the presidents and prime ministers will participate in the conclave behind closed doors. No one else comes in. Of course, the governors will attend the rally in Tijuana. It’s for solidarity. Federal deputies and senators from Morena were summoned by obligation. Tijuana yesterday reported exhausted airline tickets and hotels to the top. June 7th. Commemorating the «Day of freedom of expression» is important. Some people will think there’s nothing to celebrate. And they’re right. The impunity that prevails in the murders and attacks on journalists explains the opinion. However, it is necessary that on June 7 and as much as day is necessary of the year, to make feel the groups of power, the actors of government, to all, that there is a counterweight to avoid or to show their excesses. Abuse and expose the impunity with which they act under the power that gives them a charge. In Sinaloa there are red spots in the municipalities of Mazatlan, Culiacan and Ahome. The mayors of these municipalities believe that they won by their own merits. They did not understand that they were benefited by the image and campaign of Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Even the brute should understand. And as those three Musketeers identified by unprepared and inept, have unleashed verbal aggression against journalists, the important thing is that the Guild remain united and alert. The mayor of Mazatlan, Luis Guillermo Benítez, wants journalists and columnists to apologize. What do you think? The mayor of Culiacan, Jesús Estrada Ferreiro, threatens not to give statements to the media, when it is a right for citizens to be informed of the fate of the people’s money. In Ahome, Guillermo Chapman attacks and threatens women (the Ombudsman and police officer) and gets annoyed because journalists make it public. These three are a real threat to journalists. And for no reason will we be complicit in their excesses, their violations of the law, their nepotism and the misuse they give to the money of the people. The United writing. On the occasion of the freedom of Expression Day, THE Mazatlan DEBATE celebrated with a breakfast to all the companions that compose the writing of the most important newspaper of Sinaloa. It was the restaurant La Cordeliere, the Emerald Bay Hotel, the setting where we had an emotional moment. 

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