translated from Spanish: Confirmed a case of rubella in the city of Buenos Aires

Since the secretariat of the Government of health of the nation indicated that from now on they should «sensitize the clinical suspicion, disseminate the recommendations to the population for the prevention and early consultation in case of presenting symptoms (fever and Exanthema)». This measure was taken by the confirmation of a case of rubella in the city of Buenos Aires in a 7-year-old boy who was not vaccinated, so he urged the health teams to «intensify surveillance.» According to the information released, the baby suffering from the disease, presented a picture of Exanthema on May 8, which was added adenopathy, cough and catarrh of Upper Airways. The case was confirmed by the Serology area, while the source of infection is in research stage and are under follow-up contacts, of which one (child’s brother) presented compatible eruption, although laboratory results They were pending. There are already two confirmed cases in the country as of 2019. The previous case was reported in Cordoba and it was an imported case. From the Ministry of Health they say that «Argentina managed to eliminate the circulation of the rubella virus thanks to the systematic vaccination actions».

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