translated from Spanish: Dan Cristalazo and steal briefcase in broad daylight in Monterrey

Monterrey.-to steal a briefcase with personal items stored in a truck parked in Moros Prieto Avenue, a thief struck for a minute the windows of a vehicle covered with double security film, without motorists or authorities You’ll notice the holdup. The robbery was recorded around 16:40 hours outside the Chevrolet River agency, in Colonia Sertoma, about 300 meters east of the intersection with Gonzalitos Avenue.

The offender, and at least one accomplice, were travelling in a Dodge Dakota double-cabin silver pick up. An agency surveillance camera caught the pick up occupants parked next to the hit truck, the Chevrolet brand, which was left by its owner in one of the business parking drawers on the side of the avenue.

Photo: Reforma.

A criminal came down from the Dakota and searched for a minute to break the glasses of the two doors on the driver’s side, without getting it. In one of his attempts, the offender managed to remove the glass from the back door and then introduced half of his body. The affected person noted that the man took a briefcase with personal objects, the value of which he considered irrelevant. The recording shows that after seizing the briefcase, the man returned to the pick up, to flee with his accomplice by the Avenue Morones, towards the center. That area of the city is monitored by security cameras of the municipality of Monterrey and until last night had not been Reported arrests. In attending their complaint, authorities told the victim that some 40 cristalazo-type burglaries have been committed in the sector in recent weeks.

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