translated from Spanish: Feusach: All the members of the Bureau presented their resignation after questioning of transparency and probity

«During these days we’ve had to face one of the mom’s Ents more difficult as women, dirigentas students, political project that we represent and especially as companions of the same struggle.
So they informed-this Saturday-the resignation of the complete table of the Federation of Students of the University of Santiago (Feusach).
President Constanza Urtubia, Vice-president Fernanda Álvarez and Finance secretary, Karin Escobar; They announced their decision after meeting yesterday the resignation of Jessica Bustos and Valentina Carrera, executive Secretariat and Communications respectively.
Through a statement published on social networks, the students explained that their exit responds to the statements of Bustos and Carrera, where «challenged directly to our institution of student representation, based on arguments of Transparency and probity. »
The now ex-representative commented point by point questions and explained for example the hiring of Gabriel Iturra’s fees as «support to the federation in Communicational matters» and a trip to a congress of the Continental Organization Latin American and Caribbean Students (OCLAE) in Bolivia.
In addition, they noted that the problem responds to ways of relating, which in its view presents «levels of disconcerting violence.»
«Independent of the criticisms that can be taken as work and political project (…) We find it problematic the naturalized forms we have to relate politically in spaces of dispute. We witness levels of disconcerting violence, especially if we remember that last year we were protagonists of a historical mobilization with feminism as a banner, positioning the dignity and the need for a new system of relations like North » Explained.
The missive adds to the complex that it turned out that «within the effervescence of the discussion (of the renunciation of Bustos and career), a colleague’s complaint was invisible to an assistant of the enlarged one and that an official of the Feusach».
The students commented that this situation would have resulted even in a panic crisis on the part of a table member.
«Understanding that our emotional and mental wellbeing as women and companions is first, is that we present the resignation of our work of student representation as a federation of students of the University of Santiago», they sentenced.
«We are willing to contribute in what is necessary for the reconstruction of the organic student, take responsibility for the mistakes, as well as help to raise the projects that had already been initiated. We will also present all the documents to close our period, making a public account of the political, logistical and financial elements, «they concluded.

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