translated from Spanish: Government applies more cuts to slimming structure

Monica was called on Friday to sign her resignation, without notice, and without the right to liquidation. Oscar learned on Wednesday that Friday would be his last day and give him what could be settlement. Luisa has been unemployed for a month and waiting for her official papers, after appearing on a list of people who would be cut off.
They are not workers of the same company who are in crisis, but of public servants, dismissed from different dependencies, but all with the explanation that the structure of government should be reduced by Republican austerity. Relate to Political Animal What happened in the General archive of the Nation (AGN), the Economic Culture Fund (FCE) and the National Commission of Medical Arbitration (conamed). Their names have been changed for fear of reprisals.
Mónica, of the AGN, had been working in the General Archive for 20 years, in a «enlace» square, that is to say, a middle command. She was sent to call her for human resources and was told that after the memorandum of austerity sent by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador on May 3, they had to cut 20% of the staff, so they asked him to sign his resignation, without the right to liquidation.
«Supposedly, I was told that my place to be a liaison, is a place that is asking the Secretary of the Treasury to be collected, according to the Office of presidency, was what I argued», says in an interview.
As he refused to sign, days later he was offered an arrangement for 160,000 pesos, but she replied that this does not compensate for her two decades of work in the institution and the labor law protects her, so she refused again.
He was also offered to continue working there, but with a three-month contract in an eventual square — one of the figures that he has ordered to halve — so he did not accept, given the fear that after that time he would stay in the street of all MA Neras.
He says that since the beginning of the six-term have been fired about 30 workers of the little more than 200 that had the file: Half last December and the other half now in May. Although he was told that in July and November there will be more cuts.
Federal government orders to dismiss workers that the same administration hired
In contrast, it seems ironic that the unit has recruited 100 young fellows to build the future, one of the new government’s major programs, which pays 3600 pesos per month to boys who receive training.
The AGN’s Broadcasting Sub-directorate confirmed that they are «in the process of restructuring, at the request of the Ministry of Finance», but they are still elaborating the proposal they are going to present, so they could not give the figure of how many seats have been eliminated.
In the National commission of Medical Arbitration (conamed) The cut took place in April, days before the memorandum of May 3. According to the testimony of Luisa, one of those affected, that trade only publicly confirmed the petition that had already been made internally to cancel places. He says that 52 people were fired from 8 to 20 years old, from the about 150 who worked there, that is, a third part.
Political Animal He repeatedly asked the secretariat of Health, of which conamed is a decentralized body, the number and criterion of dismissals, but there was no response.
Since March, this secretariat has presumed the savings of 680 million pesos for a cut of 30% of personnel.
The conamed is composed mainly of medical and legal advisors that resolve conflicts between users and health service providers. Luisa was an administrative staff in the area of attention to the public, which was almost half in front of the cut of 12 people. But of the total, he explains, about 20 were administrative and 30 directors, Vice-principals, department heads and technical support.
«They told us all that it was part of the restructuring of the federal government, which also applied a restructuring in the Commission, which were senior instructions from the Ministry of Health and the federal government,» he explains.
«And that the squares were cancelled. I told them that then they put in what they were giving us to sign, which was for the cancellation and restructuring of the Government, but I replied that it was not possible, I had to give up, in terms that they were giving me: waiver of way Voluntary and irrevocable. »
On April 23, remember, area managers started calling professional career service people to inform them that they were on a list of places to be eliminated. They were then sent to the Legal Assistant Commissioner, the Director General of Administration, human resources and a person from the ethics committee as a witness, to ask them to sign the waiver on the date of the end of the month.
The majority signed, says Luisa, in the face of the threat of if they did not they would cease, and after a few months ago they saw that another person who refused to give up, flat no longer let her enter the building.
The more they got, was to negotiate that extended the resignation to May 15, to charge another fortnight. But to date, they have not received papers of their low, they need to check seniority and do any paperwork in case they manage to get another job in government.
The austerity in the Senate provoked almost 2000 layoffs, only 11% are controls
Another dependency with recent cuts was the Economic culture Fund. Although there, according to one of those affected, it was not so bad in terms of treatment and compensation.
«The justification was that they had asked for a 20% cut, and well, at least to me what they told me is that Paco (Ignacio Taibo II, director of the organism) went to talk to the president to make an exception with the fund, but not , it was not going to be an exception to any, and the cuts came, «says Óscar.
Those affected were heads of department, editors, administrative, legal and communication area. But at least, he points out, although they did not give them complete settlements, they did pay them as much as they could and they did not leave them empty-handed, as in other places.
While he leaves his position as chief of area, they will stay in the office four fellows who trained in the last months of young people building the future, he says.
Social communication of the FCE confirmed that in total were 20 people fired by the order to cut middle and liaison controls, without touching unionized or trustworthy personnel.
The memorandum of 3 May ordered, in point 1, to be subject to the budget approved by the House of Deputies for personal services.
«In this regard, unauthorized seats must be vacated before 31 May and the organic structures adjusted according to existing procedures and deadlines».
So far, there is no official balance of how many people have been dismissed from the government. The secretariat of the public service recently explained that this month will end the process of implementing austerity measures, restructuring and eliminating places that did not need or duplicate functions, so in July will report the result and How many jobs were eliminated.
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