translated from Spanish: «It is unusual that the government does not even refer to the issue»: Teachers ‘ College announces new mobilizations after positive balance of national unemployment

The President of the College of Professors, Mario Aguilar, se m Ostró satisfied with what happened in the streets and made a positive balance of the first week of indefinite national unemployment convened by the entity and relocated the government to give a response to the request teacher.
According to the slogan Radio Bío Bío, the Teacher Guild manager encrypted in approximately 75000 people who attended the march called for the day Thursday. And while he says that they have received cross-border support from all the political caucuses among other institutions, Aguilar criticizes the government for not having come close formally to reach an agreement, so it announced new mobilizations for the Next week. «We are still willing to sit down and talk to the government, but we have not had an answer. It is unusual, when there are a million young and unclassed children, when there are 80000 teachers paralyzed. It is unusual what happens with a government that does not even refer to the subject, «Aguilar said to the radio.
Since the government, the undersecretary of education, Raúl Figueroa, said that they have been working with the teachers ‘ College directive for more than a year and that the Government maintains a position open to dialogue.
The official referred to the teaching mobilizations and commented that in the currency they expect «teachers to return to the classroom».
«We have to put all the focus on education in the classroom. This paralysis is incompatible with that purpose, «he added.
It is worth mentioning that what teachers claim «are structural issues, very background of education that nowadays do not work, we are practically in abandonment by the Ministry, in a total neglect to very specific problems, pests of mice in Schools that are not catered for months, inputs that are not and are basic to work, «Aguilar said in a previous interview.
«We have the problem of teaching labor burdens, working conditions that affect our work with children and, therefore, we have the goal of improving Chilean education,» he declared.

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