translated from Spanish: One by one, meet the 23 players of the Argentine World Cup team in France 2019

Argentina integrates group D with Japan, England and Scotland, and will be the return to the World Cup after 12 years, with the illusion of making a big tournament, at the center of a process of reconstruction of the sport in the country, and also at the international level , who are leaving women’s soccer in the world’s sights. From the champions League champion to the young promise of River, meet the 23 players of the Mundial1-Vanina Correa
With 35 years, the archer of Rosario Central is one of the most experienced in the selection and dreams of being able to make history in France. With 31 matches in the Argentinean team, it is a headline.

2-Agustina Barroso
The defender of Madrid CFF is the standard of defense at 26 years and with a tour in Europe. Accumulate 36 encounters with the blue and white T-shirt and almost all the players, this is their first World Cup.

3-Eliana Stabile 
Owner of the Penals in Boca, Stábile’s stands out for his personality and templaza in the field. In a handful of matches, already has 2 goals converted since his debut to Uruguay in August 2017.4-Adriana Sachs
One that comes from the last champion of football Argentina: IAT Urquiza, and also carrying 24 games with the Albiceleste on his back, the defender of 25 years dreams of making a good cup and make the leap to Europe. 5-Vanesa Santana
With European experience in the EDF Logroño of Spain and an extensive passage by Boca juniors for almost 12 years, Santana arrives with international tour (also played in Venezuela) and 31 games with the selection T-shirt. 6-Aldana Cometti
Of the youngest of the campus with 24 years, but already more than 30 matches with Argentina and playing in the Sevilla Fútbol Club (Spain). In Argentina he spent hikers, independent, Arsenal, Boca and in a moment had to choose between hockey and football… Mal didn’t.

7-Yael Oviedo
The front born in Corcodia is highlighted in the Ray Vallecano (Spain), after arriving to this team after a step through Granada, also in the Iberian country. It is another with more than 20 games in the selection and accumulates 2 goals. 8-Ruth Bravo
«Chule», as he is known by his companions, stands out for being the sub-captain of the national team, despite not having a great tour in the selection. 18 matches for the current player of CD heel of Spain, who achieved the ascent to the first.

9-Soledad Jaimes
No doubt Argentina’s power charter. With steps by Boca and River, the 30-year-old player stands out at Olympique Lyonnais, the recent champion of the champions League, and is the threat to the defenders.

10-Estefanía Banini
The team captain and striker will take the 10 on the back of the World Cup in France. The Levante player accumulates 32 matches with Argentina, where he scored 9 so many and seeks to bring his team to a historical position.

11-Florence Bonsegundo
The 25-year-old Cordoba began its career in 2011 and is now another of the many that plays in Spanish football, with the Levante t-shirt. She was the captain at Copa America 2018 and also the author of the conquest of the so much that ruled the Argentine classification in Panama.

12-Gabriela Garton
He stood out in River and IAT Urquiza, and today he plays and trains with the Archers of the May sun male campus in San Luis, the province where the native born in the United States lives. He also works as an intern at the Conicet. 13-Virginia Gómez
Another Rosario that stands out in the «scoundrel» has his chance to look at the World Cup. In 2008, he was already in the Sub 20 divisions and disputed the FIFA Cup, and in 2018 he lost the chance of America’s Cup. Now he returns for his rematch with the eldest, where he has 8 games played. 14-Miriam Mayorga
With his 29 years, not so recirrdo with the selection (only 10 games), but in Argentina is the captain of IAT Urquiza, the Útlimo champion, and is another one that brings personality in this delegation. 15-Belén Potassa
Another member of the Argentine champion team is also the most traveled in the selection, since its debut in 2006. With the blue and white, he played 28 matches, in which he scored seven times.

16-Lorena Benítez
With just 20 years, it is one of the great revelations of Argentine football. Since it emerged with the Boca T-shirt, it gained a place in the coach’s consideration and with just two matches it will have its first world-wide experience. 17-Mariela Coronel
With 37 years, the midfielder of Granada football Club is the most experienced of the campus and meets its third world with Argentina, besides having been present at the Olympic Games of Beijing 2008.18-Gabriela Chavez
More than 13 years after his debut in the major team, the defender of River Plate will be serving a score of matches during the group phase of the World Cup. In Argentina, he has a vast experience, where he played in San Lorenzo, Independiente, Boca, IAT Urquiza and Platense19-Mariana Larroquette
The lead that is now active in IAT Urquiza is another of the fixed on the team, since its appearance in 2014. In 5 years, it accumulates 37 matches with the Albiceleste, in which it scored 8 goals.

20-Dalila Ippolito
The young Argentine promise of River. Absolute surprise in the final call, at 17 years will be participating in a historic World Cup for Argentina. In addition, it is one of the few that has toured the Sub 17 and Sub 20.21-Natalie Juncos
The defender is the only player who doesn’t have a club right now. In the last time, he worked in IAT Urquiza and despite ending his bond, his place in France 2019 was never in doubt. He has 6 meetings with Argentina. 22-Milagros Menéndez
With little experience in Argentina, but present from the Argentine team for the repechage against Panama, the young 22-year-old front is another of the brand-new champions in the country with IAT Urquiza. 23-Solana Pereyra
After a successful passage through the 20th of Argentina, with no official minutes in the major, Pereyra is the big surprise of the final list. Still, he won the tug and will be another rookie in official FIFA competitions.

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