translated from Spanish: Ordered remand for referee Martín Bustos by grooming

Manfrín made place at the request of the Prosecutor of the Sexual Crimes Unit, Carla Cerliani, and charged to Martín Bustos, who will be subjected to psychiatric and medical examinations, after which the penitentiary service of Santa Fe shall define where he lodges it. After being detained for trying to contact a minor of Newell Old Boys from Social networks, the referee was remanded for ninety days, as it is the maximum amount of time that the law provides at this stage of the process.

Bustos had been released from pre-trial detention for the cause that affected minors under independent, by decision of justice in a case of alleged abuse. Now, he was arrested in Rosario after impersonating a masseuse and scheduling a meeting with players. This Saturday, the hearing was carried out in which the accused refused to testify and there the judge took the measure, after it was charged for “the crime of having contacted a minor of 14 years using the service of WhatsApp” , in which he presented himself “with a false name” calling himself “Martín Lucero”.

Soleadad Garibaldi, a prosecutor who took charge of the independent investigation, talked about it. “I asked the security judge to revoke the release timely by the court by order of the House and was asked yesterday when it was known that Bustos was detained in Rosario.” To this day we have tried 16 cases of abuse and the facts are imputed six people, some of whom are detained, others with home prison and the rest released (such as Bustos, Leonardo Cohen Arazi and Alberto Ponte). We want to achieve the truth of what happened, “he sentenced.

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