translated from Spanish: The controversial fights of Lucho Avilés: Gerardo Sofovich, Jorge Rial, Gustavo Yankelevich and Jorge Jacobson

The fight against George Jacobson
In 1990, Avilés was driving indiscretions when in the studio with the air went into Jacobson and ended with the horned, with a judicial stage of through and the exit of the channel of which it was to look for it. Gerardo Sofovich, an “ex” friend
“I don’t want him to die, I want him to continue living and suffering for the love of Sofia, for the money he loses at the theater and in the Casino”, was one of the hardest phrases launched by Avilés against the former producer. ” We were friends until a disastrous attitude of yours. We don’t talk any more from there. I’m not going to lose the little time I have left to have a coffee with Sofovich. We made judgments for libel and were filed for reciprocal. It’s not worth it. ” Again to the horns, this time with Rial
Marcela Tauro Elató The moment that was lived at the end of 2002, when in the halls they began to take and the make-up artists managed to separate them. At that time, they told that Avilés threw a critique that was only seized by Rial.La relationship between the two broke in indiscretions and never recomposed it. Beyond quarreling and questioning. Against Gustavo Yankelevich, with Romina Yan through
The bad relationship between the journalist and the media entrepreneur was remarkable and at every opportunity they both had it clear. “He mistreated the actors in his program. I did it for the same evil, in the photo enjoying killing, “Yankelevich mentioned. “The worst crime a human being can commit in this world is to leave another person unemployed,” Avilés replied.

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