translated from Spanish: Two wounded, result of a clash between motorcycles in Zamora

Home Security Two wounded, result of a clash between motorcycles in Zamora

Zamora, Mich.-Two motorcyclists were injured after their units collided in the colony 20 November, in this municipality of Zamora, events occurred on Friday night.
It transpired that the collision was reported around 21:30 hours, on the circuit 20 of November, where inhabitants of the zone when noticing what happened they requested support to the number of emergencies 911.
To the place came the paramedics rescue and rescue, which provided the first aid to Magdaleno R., M., 35 years old, domiciled in the Altamira division, which was channeled to the Mexican Institute of Social Security.
Likewise, the pizza dealer Adrián A., O., 18, a neighbor of the community of Estancia de Amezcua, was assisted by a person who was transferred to the Juan Pablo II Hospital for proper medical care.
It was known that the motorcycles involved correspond to one of the brand Italika, a FT150, black and another unit of red, which were insured by Municipal transit staff while determining responsibilities.
Source: Expresso Monitor

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