translated from Spanish: Activate portal to know how the government spends your money

Authorities of Mexico City presented this Sunday a tool of transparency to know how the government spends the money of taxes paid by the capital.
Through the page, citizens and media will know how much money enters the government of the city, how much it leaves, who exercises it and how the budget changes, explained José Merino, head of the Digital innovation Agency Public (ADIP).
«It is the most detailed and ambitious Portal for transparency in the country,» said Merino.
The tool, said the Secretary of Administration and Finance, Luz Elena Gonzalez, focuses on making agile and clear access to information.
The information of the portal, the authorities indicated, will be updated in a quarterly manner, and the following data can be found:
— Explanations of how the budget cycle works how is it made? Where does it come from? Where’s the money going?  Including process calendar, and information of the city’s international and national economic context.
— Dynamic budget Explorer that will allow you to query and compare.
— Data and budget displays approved, modified and exercised 2018, approved, modified and exercised for 2019.
— The exits at their maximum level of disaggregation: specific departure; By dependence, municipalities and autonomous bodies and powers; For the destination they are aimed at: social development, economic development or Government operation functions such as civil protection or police; As well as a map that allows to locate the budget that the city transfers to the mayors.
– Database of specific payments made in 2018 and in the first quarter of 2019.
— Data and visualizations of estimated and collected revenues for 2018 and 2019, including how much is collected for taxes such as property or tenancy.
— Information on public works.
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