translated from Spanish: Alfredo Ramirez refuses to live with members of Morena but attends DNA event

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Morelia, Mich.-The day of today June 9, 2019, the former PRD Alfredo Ramírez Bedolla seems to feel more comfortable with ex-militants of the party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) who with his own companions of the bed of brunette, or at least so he noted when attending To the event where the National Democratic Alternative Current (ADN) will announce its adherence to the political body that today has the power in the country.
From the front row, which presumes a total closeness to the project of Andrés Manuel López Obrador Listen attentively to the message of the federal deputy and former PRD militant, Carlos Torres Piña, with everything and that different pictures of brunette condemn that DNA is summed To the ranks of the party.
The position that Ramírez Bedolla has assumed is not new, for several times he has been more involved with the project pursued by the members of the DNA in the Congress of Michoacán, with that of his colleagues in banking, those who relegated the coordination Parliamentary action for not working through consensual legislative mechanisms.
In the midst of contrasts detected by some militants of Morena, this Sunday DNA will confirm its adherence to Morena, as expected from the current that, one day participated with the PRD, decided to leave the ranks of that organism Political.

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