translated from Spanish: Comic Con: Second day included the son of Winona Rider, Noah Schnapp

Yesterday Saturday was held the second day of the Comic with Chile 2019, with the presence of 26,000 people who enjoyed the presence of Noah Schnapp, actor in the series Stranger things, and the Mexican Mario Castañeda, dubbing actor, voice of the Popular Goku. Schnapp, the son of Winona Rider in the Netflix series, said «I arrived at four in the morning, but I’m happy to be here», in the meeting with the accredited press where he advanced that in the new season of the series The characters show an important maturity and qu E There are many surprises that will surely captivate the audience. «My mom has been a fundamental support to be able to lead this life. She and the actors I have known throughout my career have taught me the discipline that is needed, «he said minutes before he started signing autographs. Later, on the open panel with the audience, he showed himself joker and even spoke in Spanish. «Cute and cute,» he said to then accept all the public gifts and play with them. In the conversation with the audience he confessed his admiration for Tom Hanks, with whom he debuted on the tape-tape spy bridge. «I love him, that’s my model actor. I’ll never forget that I celebrated my 10th birthday next to him and it was fantastic. » For his part, after being received warmly pos his fans, Mario Castañeda said that «the truth is a great opportunity, a responsibility and I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to record a character that follows so many people (Goku). It is a privilege and I think it did a good job not only by my side but by all the people who participate in the series (Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super) and still working until today. » «Now thanks to the internet everyone knows all of those who are the voice of the characters and like one is a bit of a personality and something incredible that allows me to travel throughout Latin America,» added the Mexican. The Comic Con Chile 2019, which takes place in Espacio Riesco, ends this Sunday, with hours open to the public between 11:00 and 20:00 hours.

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