translated from Spanish: Fight to repeal law that does not favor indigenous

Guasave, Sinaloa.-Considering that the indigenous law in force in the state of Sinaloa was approved in 2018 without any content, the leader of the COCYP and members of the indigenous forum propose that the current and tegre be repealed again, as well as to assign a Presupue Sto of 10,556,000 pesos to cover fundamental rights such as health, education and food. Approval
Román Rubio López, alderman of the city Council of Sinaloa Municipality, and leader of the Central of peasant and popular organizations, gave the proposal to six deputies and three commissions, and they hope that by October the new law will be approved. «The new proposal to retake everything contained in the second article of the Constitution of the Republic, addresses the whole issue of education, health and rescue of promotion and conservation of mother tongues,» he explained. The social fighter said that he has the will so that the ethnic groups do not disappear, so it is urgent that the state Government and Congress approve the new law, which they are prepared to discuss.
It must be said that there are not only yoremes in Sinaloa, there are the Tarámaris, the residents, Mixtecos, Mexicaneros and the Tetehuanos brothers in the south of Sinaloa, specifically in Escuinapa and El Rosario, «he mentioned.

Among the requests that indicate the educational aspect propose the hiring of 25 bilingual teachers tarámaris to bring from Chihuahua because there are no professionals in this language, strategically to be located in the communities of Jikapory, the Tuna below, alders of Olguín, Cuitaboca, the Lajitas, the go, plain of the Peraza and the Cochi. They would be teachers for preschool, primary and secondary level, with a payment of 14000 pesos per month for each one.           

In the health aspect, seven general practitioners are asked to cover the population of seven bilingual teachers for literacy to adults, because there are 99 percent of illiteracy. In health care, seven general practitioners are proposed to provide care to the population of seven communities, with a salary of 16000 pesos per doctor. Among the list of managements they maintain that for the productive development it is required of 300 backyard orchards with vegetable seeds at 22 pesos per package.
An average of 4000 birds, 300 goats and a thousand fruit trees. Roads
The president of the COCYP indicated that the Government was required to prioritize the arrangement of labour roads for the communities in mention.
Martha obese, a member of the indigenous Forum, expressed that a new law is required to enforce and respect the rights of indigenous people. «We want new law, we don’t want to be arreglitos,» he said.
Evaristo Leyva made his voice heard by asking that attention should be given to the area that remains in marginalization. The proposal 
It will be on June 16 when a meeting is held in Mochicahui, on the 28th they will move to the state capital for another union of dialogue and on the 29th to 30th of July they preentarán in the Congress of the State in a forum and from there in front of the deputies wait Tell them in what terms or deadline they will pass the law or go into discussion. «We hope that this law at the latest can be approved on October 2.» 

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