translated from Spanish: In Mendoza there are 11 candidates for governor in 8 fronts

This Sunday Mendoza celebrates its elections STEP and citizens must opt for 11 candidates for governor, who are in 8 different fronts. Who are you? Mendoza’s front changes here compete 3 formulas: Rodolfo Suárez-Mario Abed, the binomial supported by the Governor Alfredo Cornejo; Omar de Marchi-Susana Velázquez, the Macrista formula of Mendoza; and Fernando Armagnague-Sandra Romano, who claim to be the «true radicalism of the province».  Front I chose on this front compete: Alejandro Bermejo-Cristina Da Dalt, the formula of the Orthodox PJ; and Anabel Fernández-Jorge Tanús, supported by Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. Front of left and workers in this case there is only one option, that of Noelia Barbeito and Soledad Sosa, a formula composed 100% by women. Protector Fuerza PolíticaVan José Luis Ramón and Mario Vadillo, the candidates who knew to be the great promise of the last election. They claim to be «apolitical» and be interested in defending consumers. IntransigenteEl party space was bound at some point with protector, but then they parted. Now, Dante Gonzalez-known as «the Dante of the People»-and Daniel Galdeano will try to get the minimum demanded to pass to the generals.  Socialist movement and of the TrabajadoresMarcia Marianetti and Nicolás Fernández will also fight to reach the minimum, although the polls do not favor them. They had an austere campaign, bound fundamentally to the defense of women and the right to legal abortion. Partido FederalAdolfo Innocenti and Adriana Delicio are the formula of the Federal party. As for the MST, the possibilities of «entering» in the generals are rather low. They founded their campaign in «Catholic Values and ProLife». Santana JubiladosEduardo Party and retired teacher Nilda Gálvez will make the attempt. They got the election board to accept them at the last minute. Now they will compete for their place in the generals. They represent, above all, the interests of retirees, retired persons and pensioners. In four departments the ballot is shorter San Martín, Lavalle, San Rafael and Tunuyán will not elect candidates for intendant or councillors, because these communes decided to unfold their elections. It is worth remembering that in the last elections, the PJ was favored in the places mentioned. On this occasion, the citizens of these departments will only vote governor, Lieutenant governor and senators and provincial deputies.  In this note:

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