translated from Spanish: In Mendoza voted about 75% of the electoral register

The Secretary of the Electoral board, Alfredo Puebla, said that «the polls arrived late only in 10 establishments». He indicated that the problem was the Argentinean mail, in charge of the polls arriving at destination in time and form. In this sense he denied that he is already thinking of placing multi-million dollar fines and pointed out that «past the elections will evaluate what happened and what decision to take against the problem.» On the lack of ballots, Puebla noted that «there have been no significant allegations.» Marcelo Dagostino, Undersecretary of justice, emphasized that «participation exceeded 70». He said that they are surprised because in some departments the participation was very high, as in La Paz, where 83% of the voters attended.
He said the average of Mendoza is always 65%, so these data are very positive. First resultadosSegún The first surveys, Rodolfo Suárez is imposed in the elections STEP. The candidate of the Governor Alfredo Cornejo won the intern against Omar de Marchi, the candidate Macrista. Meanwhile, in the front I chose to vote vote between Anabel Fernandez and Alejandro Bermejo. From protective political force, they said they «pulled out about 7% of the votes.» In this note:

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