translated from Spanish: [VIDEO] Keanu Reeves becomes Trending Topic worldwide after sympathetic appearance in Xbox E3 event

Sometimes it happens with Hollywood faces that mark periods, usually when they release iconic movies, and it comes to appear to be «in everything». And this is the case with Keanu Reeves, who shortly to release the third part of John Wick, who dethroned the Avengers End Game at the box office, as well as other participations in various films and series, has become this last time in one of the spotlights-if it is not than the most relevant–in the world of spectacle on a global level. In that line it was revealed that the famous actor will be part of the expected game CyberPunk 2077, appearing in the trailer released today in the context of the Xbox E3 event. And Reeves appeared in it, to talk about the game, giving rise to a funny and even tender situation that has already been around the planet. It is nothing complex, but the charisma of Neo’s interpreter in the Matrix has made it special. While referring to what will be the immersion in «the World of the future» that would make the game possible, Keanu said it was something that «took his breath». And nmediatamente someone retorted to his voice: «You take your breath away,» causing the laughter and applause of the public. Reeves ‘ sympathetic reaction also encouraged this video and its name to be turned into global Trending Topic on Twitter, pointing out that who shouted to him was someone who «took his breath» and that everyone who was clapping and laughing «took the breath away.» Here we leave the video of the moment, as well as the trailer of Cyberpunk 2077, in which the beloved actor appears.

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