translated from Spanish: DC asks the government to order and prioritize: «So many mega reforms can be read as a voladero of lights»

In the framework of the round of meetings by the National Agreement To strengthen the institutions and policies deployed by the Minister of the Interior, Andrés Chadwick, this Monday was the turn of the Bureau of Christian Democracy, led by Fuad Chahín, a party that has been the target of questioning the opposition for its support To the government in several key votes in Congress, such as tax reform or pensions, among others.
At the appointment, the DC asked the government to be clear on its priorities. «We have asked the government to be clear, because so many reforms, so many mega reforms can be read as a voladero of lights and a distraction of the problems that today plague the Chileans. For that we will not lend ourselves, «he said.
In this line, he was emphatic in pointing out that «we cannot have on the same level the reform of Congress, the reform of the judiciary, changes to the CDE and the Comptroller and the Public Prosecutor, they cannot all be at the same level when they have different level of depth , of importance, of relevance. »
In that context, the leader Falangist stressed that «we have no taboo subject, but what we want to have is clarity, what is the agenda, what is the priority, what we want to get out now (…) Here there must be a prioritization »
According to Chahín, «we want a clear timetable, we will make our contributions and proposals not only to the agenda that has circumscribed the government, but also to the issues that are of interest to the DC.»
Regarding this falangist agenda, Chahin pointed out that «we will never give up a new constitution, move forward on gender equality at the constitutional level, reform the TC. We have also said that it is very important to have a second round in the municipal election. We want mayors with the necessary legitimacy and for that we are seeing that every day there are elected mayors with fewer votes, by relative majorities and that I think is a subject that must be assumed from now. »
As for the government’s announcement to lower the number of senators and deputies, Chahín argued that «for us the issue of the number of parliamentarians is not a taboo issue, we are available to discuss it, but on the basis of safeguarding certain principles that are Important, representativeness, and also that we have an adequate proportionality, these two issues are fundamental. »
In this sense, he also warned about the need to reverse the excessive presidentialism that characterizes the Chilean political system, by considering that «the number of parliamentarians should rather be the result of how we have a better Congress more and more Representative that works well, but also as we generate a better counterweight between the executive and Congress as co-legislators, where indeed there is a true presidential monarchy today. »

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