translated from Spanish: Deputy Flores sends a message to his fellow senators: «When they have asked for expedited procedures, we have heard that… Has not been reciprocally «

The President of the Chamber of Deputies, Iván Flores, critic Or what he calls «tradition» of governments, who think that all problems are solved thanks to the Senators.
«There is a tradition, and here we must speak frankly: the government in the background, and said some ministers in a previous government, (think) ‘ Let’s see, okay, we have a shower here in the chamber but we fixed it in the Senate. ‘ Like, deep down, (they think) ‘ Let the camera discuss what you want, but this I convert it with the Senators ‘, ‘ he said, in statements issued to Emol TV.
According to Flores, it is an «institutional tradition» that would be based on the difference in duration of the legislative periods: «The Senate is regarded as ‘ the Senators last 8 years, therefore they will be more time in the legislative discussion than the deputies, who We lasted 4 ‘. It is not a question that I am only concerned with defending the institution, but it is a matter of regulation. »
«There is no kind of formal antecedent that says that one chamber is above the other, none, in tradition. Why? There is a reason to explain very simple: projects can be entered by one camera and the other becomes a reviewer. Once we approve our camera, the other revises it, or the other way around, so the projects can go through the Senate and check the House of Deputies, or they can enter through the House of Deputies and revise the Senate. From that point of view, we are exactly the same, (we are not) neither more nor less, one camera or the other, «he declared.
Finally, Flores sends a message to his fellow senators, who, in his opinion, have not been as collaborating: «We have always been more collaborators of the Senate than our Senate collaborators. When the Senate has asked for a bit more expedited paperwork, we in the chamber have heard that… It has not been reciprocal. »

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