translated from Spanish: J.A. Kast: “I don’t see how Chile we can help us achieve the goal of changing Chile”

For the 10.30 hours of today it is envisaged that a retinue with public figures like the deputy exUDI Ignacio Urrutia and the Communicator Gonzalo de la Carrera arrive at the offices of the Electoral Service (Servel), located in the center of Santiago. The group will carry a hundred signatures required by the agency to formalize the official process that gives life to the Republican Party, whose natural leader is the deputy and presidential candidate José Antonio Kast.
“It will be the beginning of the Republican revolution,” answered Hoyxhoy the deputy UDI, who has the task at least to capture now for the collectivity 7.93% obtained in the elections of 2017, when he competed as independent for the currency, with a speech Explicitly right and ended fourth after Sebastián Piñera, Alejandro Guillier and Beatriz Sánchez. The last Criteria survey was placed in third place in the race at 2021, with 9%, after Sánchez (13%) And the mayor of the Counts Joaquín Lavín (11%).
Will this party be your presidential platform for the next election?

This game is not an instrument, it is a way to serve Chile. We want to invite people to participate in politics and to change it from within. We want to train young people and prepare candidates for different positions so that, with honesty and capacity, we change Chile.
The 2017 you surprised with his speech and caught many disenchanted. What do you expect today when your stances and way of doing politics are already known? Aren’t you afraid of what Marco Enríquez-Ominami between the elections of 2009 and 2013?

Chileans barely know what we propose and defend. We have been traveling for a year and will continue to conquer the silent majority of “Republicans” who want the best for Chile.
Define what the Republican Party will be in five concepts.

God, the Fatherland, the family, the rule of law, common sense.
For years the parties in their sector have chosen to be called centre, what happened to you or what did you see in the National society that decided to break that taboo and transparent its position clearly?

We made a mistake. For years we underwent that history was written by the left and we believed, naively, that they were majority in the country. Most Chileans want freedom, order and social justice. Most Chileans have common sense and reject ideologies. Our sector is much better for Chileans and we have to defend our ideas without complexes.
What is the militant profile you imagine for your party?

“Republicans” want Chile, respect its history and its institutions. They seek the common good and want the country to go forward, for the sake of our children and that of our families. They are tired of crime, drugs and terrorism, and they detest corruption. “Republicans” are tired of ideologies and are willing to raise their voices to defend our ideas and convictions.
An exodus?
Do you think it will provoke a diaspora from RN and UDI to join their party?

We have not come to replace anyone, but to create something new that will be greater than all that exists. We are not looking to raise the right wing militants, but we want to invite the Chileans of heart away from politics and tired of politicians. ”
Do you see the party inside of Chile we go?

It is not a question of entering or not going to Chile. I think the question should be: What is Chile we go to today and if it is fulfilling the objectives that was raised to constitute? Unfortunately, Chile Vamos has become an accessory coalition to the government, without its own life or critical capacity, worried about the repartija of charges and not defending principles and convictions. We don’t go looking for charges, we want to change Chile and I don’t see how this coalition can help us achieve that goal.
Analysts have said that for the government to include it in their conglomerate would be an opportunity to contain it. Kast’s phenomenon, is it a containment?

No one can contain the love of a Chilean for their country and what we want is best for Chile. We want the government to do well and we have strongly supported it. But we will also raise our voices when they make mistakes and we will not be silent when they move away from the commitments they took on campaigning.
Right-wing figures

Consulted by the leader of the right of the region that identifies him most, like Donald Trump (USA), Jair Bolsonaro (Brazil) or Mauricio Macri (Argentina), Kast said that
“All leaders have positive and negative aspects, stories that we share and others that we don’t. But what I most emphasize about them is that they won in their countries and demonstrated that they can defeat the left and raise a different country. I want to compete, win and change Chile. ”

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