translated from Spanish: Supersunday elections: Closed the elections in 5 provinces

The month of June began with a lot of electoral activity. After the first Sunday of the month, in which Sergio Uñac achieved the re-election as governor of San Juan, Oscar Herrera Ahuad was largely imposed on missions and changed achieved his first triumph in legislative terms in Corrientes, during this day there were called Elections in five provinces: Tucumán, Jujuy, Entre Ríos, Chubut and Mendoza. At 18.00 They closed the elections in all the provinces and it is expected that at 21.00 The first results will begin to be known.
What do you choose? Governor, Lieutenant governor, 19 Intendants, 49 legislators, 93 rural commissioners and 184 councillors. Jujuy
What do you choose? Governor, 24 provincial deputies, 27 intendants, 92 councillors and 33 municipal commissioners. These elections premiered the creation of six new municipalities (Yala, Puesto Viejo, Pampa Blanca, Aguas calientes, San Antonio and Maimará). Entre Rios
What do you choose? Governor and vice-governor, 17 provincial senators and 34 provincial deputies who make up the local parliament, and 16 provincial mayors and councillors. Chubut
What do you choose? Governor, provincial deputies and 13 municipalities of the province, the intendant and councillors. mendoza
What do you choose? The primary, open, simultaneous and compulsory elections (PAS or) were made for the election of Governor, Lieutenant governor, provincial legislators, councillors and intendants in 14 departments. In this note:

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