translated from Spanish: Claudia preserves declassified when she slept in the same bed with Camiroaga

A tasty chapter was lived in a celebrity when in a segment began to talk about good friends, those with whom you can share if second intentions. It was in that minute when Claudia conserved memory of the times of Extra young people, when she shared with Marcelo Comparini and Felipe Camiroaga. According to the cheerleader at that time the remembered “Falcon of Chicureo” rose at 5 in the morning to make the morning with Jorge Rencoret in RTU (current Chilevisión), in the evenings were together with Comparini for some English classes. ” A gringo went to Philip’s apartment and he would teach us, talk. The thing is that one day, I had no car, Marcelo had to do a procedure and says (Camiroaga) ‘ Let’s go after the program, stay here, do not worry. What I do, I’m Raja, I need to sleep nap. ‘ Because he got up at 5:00 in the morning. Then he says, “lie next to me and if you want to watch TV.” Yapo, and I watched, Philip was Zeta and I kept watching TV, “he confessed. The Companions of Conservas, Pamela Leiva and Yazmin Vásquez asked him to tell the truth. “Then he got up and said let’s go to the channel and ready, that would be all,” I conclude. When Vásquez asked preserves if he would have accepted some romantic approach on the part of his partner, the study burst into laughter when the wife of the “chicken” Valdivia said no.

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