translated from Spanish: Lavín and a message for José Antonio Kast: “If you want to manage Chile, what is successful are the moderate positions”

Without a doubt, the two right-wing politicians better position Onados for an eventual presidential election are the mayor of Las Condes, Joaquín Lavín (UDI) and the leader of the new Republican Party, Jose Antonio Kast, so the far-Righter has shot the councilman to “assume his presidential aspiration.”
Lavín responded to the site and in conversation with the program True Lies, argued that “it makes no sense to make a decision about something that will happen in November 2021” and indicated that “live the day to day without anxiety.”
“I’m happy as mayor, that’s my reality today and more focused on this, much better,” he added.
Also, in a message to Kast and his new collectivity, Lavín gave his vision on what is necessary to get to sit in the presidential chair: “If you want to govern Chile, what is successful are the moderate positions,” he said.
Likewise, given the different letters that have been made known since the official (Andrés Allamand, Manuel José Ossandón and Francisco Chahuán), Lavín argued that “when there is a vacuum on the other side (on the left), it tends to fill with a confrontation on the other side (the right) “.

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