translated from Spanish: The coin puts the patch before the wound and attributes criticism to those who «want the country to go wrong»

Through a communicational minutes given to leaders From Chile come on, the government went out to order its ranks around the complex economic moment that crosses the country.
The document given to the leaders of the official parties during the Political Committee at the Palace of the currency, has a tone of clear optimism, and puts the patch before the wound, identifying the critics with «who apparently want the country to go Bad for political interests. » Insisting on the thesis of the «Better times», the document notes that «the reality is that the economy will go from less to more. In 2018 we managed to grow to 4% and the same Central Bank has ratified that we will be able to grow even to 3.5% and around 3% and 4% in the next years. »
The government’s optimism contrasts with the data of the BC, which on Friday at the time of communicating the drop in the interest rate, lowered the projection of growth to a floor of 2.75%, which was confirmed by the economic Expectations Survey (EEA) where the Consulted made a projection of 2.9%, lowering for the first time the psychological sweep of 3%.
But the minute ignores ambient pessimism, and highlights that «there are several actions» being taken to «contribute to economic growth,» such as the public Works plan and the economic acceleration agenda launched last week by ministers Felipe Larraín and Juan Andrés Fontaine, as well as the injection of funds for the public hospitals that are being built.
At the legislative level, the government also calls for «approving the government-led agenda to keep Chile going.» These are the fundamental reforms deployed in Congress: Tax modernization, Labor, pensions, the state, and pro-investment and productivity initiatives. »
In terms of citizen security, it emphasizes matters such as the modernization of police officers, anticrime actions through the use of technology (the virtual police station announced on Tuesday by Piñera) and the legislative agenda to increase penalties.

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