translated from Spanish: Chuquicamata on strike: Trade unions reject Codelco’s offer and initiate paralysis on Friday

If the economic panorama in Chile is already complex, this notic Ai comes to obscure the stage even more: this Wednesday the members of three unions of Chuquicamata decided to reject the last offer of Codelco, so since the first shift this Friday will begin the legal strike.
The workers considered insufficient the state’s last figure, which includes benefits for 14 million pesos, which led to the failure of the mediation process that the parties developed in the direction of the work.
The company issued a statement regretting the decision of the Assembly and stated that “This is the maximum effort that Codelco can make.”
“The offer made by Codelco is serious, responsible and realistic. We have worked to reach mutually beneficial agreements for the company and the workers, following the common goal of improving Chuquicamata’s competitiveness and adding more surpluses to the state of Chile, “the statement notes.
The state adds that it can not put more money on the table, “to be responsible to the country and considering the transformation that is living both the company and the Chuquicamata Division; The need to ensure future sustainability and to improve divisional productivity; The reality that lives the mining business and its future expectations, threatened by the worsening of the trade war between the United States and China. ”
The last offer also includes a salary adjustment of 1.2% and the signing of a new collective agreement of 36 months of duration instead of one of 27 months of the previous offer.
Total worker benefits are broken down into a 9 million peso bond for the term of the bargain, another one million per overtime working day, 3 million for a soft loan (no interest) and another million for a mandatory mediation agreement.
Beyond the amount, trade unions also have discrepancies with the company at some points, posing as axes of the process participation in the process of transformation of the open pit to underground mine.
The workers also demand a health plan and a retirement plan when the mine transformation is completed, which is one of the structural projects of Codelco and represents an investment of 5.5 billion dollars.

The announcement of Codelco’s workers here:

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