translated from Spanish: Cocotra sanctions with 7000 pesos to the public transport and to Uber with 59000

Morelia, Michoacán. – The difference between the penalties for public transport and the particular services of applications such as Uber and Pickmeapp, implemented by the Public transport coordinator of Michoacán (Cocotra) are very noticeable, since there is a difference of up to 51539 weights between each other.
The owner of the Cocotra, Marco Antonio Lagunas Vázquez reported in an interview that the unit has sanctioned in eight months to only 50 operators of groups, for aspects such as speeding, take passengers unloaded and use the cell while driving, Fines ranging from 50 to 90 units of measurement and updating (UMA), ie of the two 1724 pesos to 7604 pesos,-remember that each UMA is equivalent to 84.49 pesos.
On the other hand, in recent days it was announced the modification of the communications and transport regulations of Michoacán, to increase the penalties for providing a service without adequate regulation, which meant the increase of up to 59143 pesos Maximum representing 700 UMAS, and minimum 42245 pesos per 500 UMAS.
“It is not an issue against the platform, it is an issue against irregular transport under any scheme and under any modality,” he said.
In the case of the number of infringements, the director of the Cocotra mentioned that, of Uber, of other electronic applications and pirate units, are about 350 the penalties that have been applied, whereas, in eight months the coordinator has only infractiond to 50 Units.
– Are there not a few penalties for the period?
-They are relatively few, but I repeat, rather than sanction we want to make people aware, “replied the questioning of the local media.
Lagunas Vázquez said that the factors that cause the most accidents drivers of public transport are the excess speed and distraction to use the cell phone while driving, however, the Cocotra does not have a record of units Rugged.
Source: Expresso Monitor

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