translated from Spanish: Crime in Chakras: Traces of blood were found from the son-in-law of the victims

In the last hours a DNA match was made, between the traces found at the scene of the crime and the samples extracted to the only imputed one that has the cause: Edgardo Montivero, which gave positive. The homicide prosecutor Gustavo Pirrello received the results of the test: the hematic traces found in the house located in the Department of Luján de Cuyo coincides with those of Montivero, the son-in-law of Raquel Gómez (72) and Francisco Enrique Rodríguez (69). Last Friday, Raquel and Francisco were found without life by their daughter, a couple of the current accused, who called the CEO reporting the situation. The victims had white-weapon wounds on their necks. In this way, both Carolina Gómez and Edgardo Montivero were delayed. Within a few hours the woman was released by the prosecutor Pirrello, leaving as the only suspect her husband. The man presented a sutured wound in one of his hands, which caught the attention of the investigators. Following that line of suspicion, they investigated the telephone lines which bring him to the place of the fact and found contradictions in his narrative. So far all indications lead to the accused. In this note:

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